GOODBYE 2014, HELLO 2015!!

Hey Everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I know we are seven days into the New Year, but it’s still new! HA! So it seems like 2014 went by in a flash!  We took our kids out of public school and started Homeschooling! Our sweet baby girl turned 1!! My husband was living out his dream and then that door shut right in his face (More about that in a later post titled “Dreams and Closed Doors”), We traveled to Florida to visit my family, My brother announced that him and his wife were expecting their first baby, My husband started working on his own CD.. It was an all around great year, with many ups and  a few downs. God has been beyond faithful and we couldn’t be more thankful!

In the midst of it all, I think I really started to lose myself. All I began to think was, so God put all these desires in my heart just for me to be a stay-at-home mom who Homeschools!? And that’s when self-pity began to sink in. I was always feeling down! I was down about not having many friends, I was down about not being in school pursuing what I wanted… I was actually being pretty selfish in the way I was thinking. Yes I was doing an amazing thing to build my kids up and I didn’t regret that, but I didn’t see the true value in it. I just saw the sacrificing it was taking. And to top it all off, my Kindergartener and Third Grader didn’t appreciate the sacrifice I was making (what kids actually do in the beginning?) for them and just kept asking when I could sign them back up for public school. What a great booster!? HA.  It often crossed my mind that the best thing to do was place them back in school.

WHAT A LIE TO BELIEVE! I look at my kids and all that they are learning here at home with me and Rene and think how could I ever want to send them back? It’s been the greatest time with my kids! I have even learned so much more about them! So before the year was over, I truly turned around and began to seek God on what exactly he was doing in my life and what  he was calling me to do. Come to find out, I’m right where he wants me to be. I’m raising up the next generation! I’m filling them up with the word of God and inputting tons of knowledge so that they can help be a better change in this world.

I of all people know how hard it is to lose yourself in the craziness of being married and raising kids at a young age. Trying to find yourself again can be tough, but if you seek The One who Created you, finding out who you truly are in Him will be a lot easier than trying to do it on your own.

I’m all about finding scripture that can help with where I am in a season of life, so this is my scripture for you.

“The Steps of a [good] man are directed and established by the Lord when he delights in his ways [and He busies Himself with his every step]. Though he falls, he shall not be utterly cast down, for the Lord grasps his hand in support and upholds him. -Psalm 37:23-24(AMP)

This scripture has helped me so much knowing that God has directed my steps and  He is the one that supports me. I’m so glad I know that I am right where God has directed me to be. If you are going through something close to what I have been going through, I would love to pray for you. Send me a comment or an email with details or no details and I will surely lift you up to our mighty God.


Lexi O

Our Journey…

Hello All! We have entered into our second week of Homeschool! Oh how it’s already been an exciting adventure. We have had our moments of breakdown and breakthrough! It’s amazing! We had a great first week and our second week has started strong! I thank you all for the positive encouragement! I definitely need it! I’m not going to lie, Homeschooling is hard! At the same time as it’s hard, it’s so incredibly rewarding! I’m still in the early stages of learning how my boys learn and trying to get into a good routine with them. So far, we’ve been waking up in the mornings as if they were still going to public school and getting dressed and ready for the day. We have a little added distraction running around (Ellie). She’s beautiful and crazy about her brothers, so she wants to be all in the mix of what they are doing! I’m sure we will get all our times worked out soon enough. As of now the boys are working hard and doing great! I’m loving that the state of Texas allows me to do a mixture of curriculum! I have been able to tailor it to things that will help them each learn the best way possible. I’ve already been able to experience those “Aha” moments that i’ve heard many homeschool moms talk about. (When you kids finally “get” something that they have been struggling with!)

As for me, I’ve had my moments… Those moments late at night where I think i’m totally screwing my kids up or when I think about all the comments from others who say kids that are homeschooled are further behind when they return to public school. I’m learning how to deal with the negative talkers. I know everyone is not going to agree with my decision to homeschool, but i’m okay with that. I’m being guided by God, and i’m doing what he leads me to do. When negative thoughts come swarming into my mind, I’m overcome with peace as God speaks to me that i’m doing the right decision. He trusted me with these children and has fully equipped me with everything they need. That’s all I need to know.

I’ve had to remind my self of this very thing, Everyday may not end the way I want them to, but i’m sewing valuable life seeds into them that they will remember forever, eventually those seeds will take root and produce an amazing harvest. I can’t wait to watch it all unfold. Even if you don’t homeschool, sew into your kids lives. Leave a legacy that will continue on for many generations to come.
Green sprout on white background (isolated).

Homeschool Adventure!

imageSO HERE WE GOOOOO!!! I officially withdrew Alex from school! EEEEKKKK! Huge step for me! I know i’ve been contemplating Homeschooling and we waited since we got pregnant with Ellie last year, but now I think it’s time! Alex will be starting 3rd grade, Naelen-Joel will be starting Kindergarten. I’ve bought all our curriculum and we are ready to start. I can’t help but to feel excited and nervous at the same time! It is definitely going to take some time to get used to our new routine but I know I’m not going to regret a single moment. I’m going to be documenting our whole first year, so be on the look out! Send us a prayer as we embark on this amazing new journey!

Sick and summer don’t mix!

I’m having a blah mommy day! Both boys have been sick for the last 5 or 6 days, they’ve somehow caught an ugly little virus that keeps wanting to stick around! And my wonderful hubby came down with pinkeye, in not only one but both eyes! 👎 I so can not wait for everyone to be better! Luckily little miss Ellie and I have yet to get anything too serious! Thank You Jesus!!! Thankfully I’m a praying mommy and I have no time for the enemy to attack my family. So sickness has to bow down in the name of Jesus! If you’re a mom or wife, be sure to pray constantly over your family! Your prayers are powerful! Pray without ceasing. I tend to pray while I’m cleaning, doing dishes, taking a shower! Just like anything, it takes time to form a habit, but I promise it’ll be the best habit you start! Start Speaking Life, Health, Healing and Joy over your family. Check out Isaiah 55:11 NIV, “so is my word that goes out from my mouth: it will not return to me empty,but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.” You blessings will not return void! I hope that can be an encouragement for you and your family. Yes Blah mommy days or even weeks aren’t fun, but any “blah” day is better in the hands of Jesus then a day without him.

P.S. I have to share this adorable picture of my sweet little ones while they ran outside yesterday to get a breath of fresh air.


The Best Years Are NOW

What do you consider to be your Best Years?  Do you cling to the past for what you had? Or are you chasing after what you can have? I often wonder how many people live in the past. I know it has to be a lot because I used to be one of them. I even noticed my kids had their own “Golden Years” at 7 and 4 years of age. I’m over living in the past, I’m about living in the now, living in the future. I didn’t really realize that what I was reflecting on, constantly thinking  “Oh, back then was so much better”  was making me miss out on the most amazing moments now. Now don’t get me wrong, I love replaying memories in my head, but that’s not the kind of living in the past i’m talking about. I’m talking about the “Oh life was so much better back then…” thoughts. Your life can be better now! It’s all about the mindset you choose to have. Quit thinking of Then and start changing the Now! Life is happening every second and i’m choosing to grab ahold! Our lives are about to take a change for the better! I’m taking hold of God’s promises! You should too! 

You are my favorite.

My life with kids is truly incredible. I wouldn’t be half the person I am today without them. Here’s a little love letter to each of my babies.


Alex, My First born, You are my favorite. You are my favorite because you made me a mother. You opened me up to an unknown world of motherhood. Looking at you for the first time was breathtaking. I experienced a love unlike any other. We shared all of our firsts together. I had never known what it was like to want to do everything for another person other than myself. You had this precious calmness about you, like you knew to be patient with my learning of all of your needs.  You are born to be a leader. You make each person feel special, your personality is full of love. You always walk into a room like you own it, God has designed you for great things! You my son, are my favorite.


Naelen-Joel, My Second born,You are my favorite. You are my favorite because you were born with such purpose and character. From the beginning I knew you would be a strong one. You proved that by coming 5 weeks early and having no problems at all.I wasn’t afraid to enjoy you and all your moments. I felt at ease with you. You truly were the epitome of a “mama’s boy” and I loved that all you wanted was your “mama”. You have brought laughter and silliness to our lives.My love for you is unlike any other. I love that you  know what you want and you won’t settle until you get there. God has destined you for greatness. I can’t wait to watch it all unfold. You my son, are my favorite.


Ellie, My Last baby, You are my favorite. You are my favorite because you are my only daughter. You have brought our family much sweetness of all things girly. I will enjoy all of our lasts with you. I will hold you just a little longer. I’ll keep you a baby as long as I can. You may not like it, but one day you’ll understand. I see all of me in you. It’s so hard to believe at times that you are my daughter. You were a testament of God’s incredible love for his children. You are an answered prayer. God has a great calling on your life. You my daughter, are my favorite.

Marriage.. The Sweetest Gift

Tonight I’m sitting here holding my sweet sleeping 5 month old daughter, my legs entwined with my husband as our boys are tucked in bed. Life is great! I couldn’t ask for a better family. My life has become so much sweeter since getting married and having kids. I can’t even begin to imagine what my life would be like without them. I know I know… Mushy love stuff. But it truly is a gift from God. IF you are single, wait for the man/woman that God has for you. There’s nothing better. Sure we have our up and down moments, but who doesn’t? We make each other better, we balance each other. If you are married, cherish your spouse. There’s no one else in the world that will have your back more than he/she will. There’s no one else who will push you to become better. There’s no one else who will Love you the way that a spouse is supposed to love. I think today’s generation has taken for granted what Marriage means. I recently read that 1 in 2 marriages will end in divorce. That literally makes the marriage rate 50/50. How heartbreaking is that?! How is that you commit yourselves to each other, recite vows and yet take it so lightly? Marriage is such a sacred convenient. It’s supposed to be exciting, full of love, hard. It’s not meant to be given up on so easily. Marriage is a complete give and take relationship. It’s NEVER meant to be 50/50, it should be 100/100. Sacrifices come from each side but you should do it all in L.O.V.E. <3 To all my married friends, make God the center of your Marriage, He will guide you in exactly the way you need to go in order to benefit your relationship with your spouse. He will help you both grow together. There’s nothing better than praying and seeking God with the one you love. To all my single friends, seek God with all your heart, and he will lead you exactly where you need to be. 

Thanks for checking in. Just wanted to share a little bit of LOVE that was on my heart tonight. 


       Lexi O.