Hello world!

HeY Everyone! So here it is, my first blog ever! I’m so excited to start a new little fun journey. Well i’m currently in my house writing this blog, thinking to myself, there are a million things i need to do. Especially find some socks for Alex who will be heading out the door to school soon. We just got back from our amazing honeymoon in the Bahamas and are still trying to get back into the flow of things. I miss the Bahamas like no other, but I missed my kids wayyy to much to go back right now. It’s amazing how before you have kids you can’t imagine your life with them, and when you have them you can’t imagine your life without them. Maybe in a couple months when they are driving me absolutely insane i’ll rethink that trip back! haha. These past couple weeks have been absolutely amazing! I’m so looking forward to what else God has in store for our lives!!! Well this was just a short little blog. More to come!


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