God’s Love

Isn’t is amazing to know just how much God truly loves us? Isn’t it amazing that he allowed us to have free will? I’m sitting here tonight thinking back on today and how these last couple of weeks I’ve truly experienced God on a whole other level. He’s spoken to me through scripture, through people at church and to me directly. God loves us that he sent his ONLY Son to come and die for our sins! Who would honestly love you that much to die for the sins that you have committed? Only God!? Isn’t it amazing how he is a father to the fatherless, a healer to the sick, a husband to the widow, a financial advisor to those in financial crisis? He’s all of these and more! He loves us that much that he “Stands at the door and knocks?” To know he will never force himself into our lives but when we welcome him into our hearts our lives are changed and blessed for the better. I am often amazed and reminded just how much he loves each and every one of us that he knew us before we were in our mother’s womb? That we were fearfully and wonderfully made!!! How awesome is that?! Doesn’t it feel good to know that no matter where you came from,what circumstances you grew up under, you have a God who loves you unconditionally and who loved you before you were even thought of? I notice a lot of times that people are more scared of God because of the image they have of themselves. We all have some type of past, none of us are perfect and when you start to think “How can God love me, I did this.. ” Just look at what he says in his word:

Isaiah 44:22

” I have swept away your offense like a cloud;

your sins like the morning mist.

Return to me,

For I have redeemed you. ”

How amazing is that? We are REDEEMED! THANK YOU GOD!

I am so blessed to serve such a loving giving God. And I pray that if you don’t know christ that this will encourage you to come to know him and receive eternal life with God. Come to know peace that surpasses all understanding , abundant Grace and Mercy that renews every day. God LOVES YOU! And he is patiently waiting at the door of your heart!


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