Enjoying your spouse

I’m here in California with my husband on our newly started couples trip. We have had such an awesome time just spending time with each other. After 2 babies we don’t get very much time to ourselves these days. So when we do get the opportunity to be alone we do soak up every second. This week I have realized just how truly blessed I am to be married to such an amazing man. God truly picked him out for me. I have realized that even though you get so wrapped up in your amazing kids you still have to take time out for just the two of you. It’s amazing when you feel like you have grown closer. The feeling is so refreshing. So many marriages end up in divorce today and I believe that the reason behind it is because so many people get married and spend so much time away from each other. A second thing that I think is very healthy for you is spending time with close friends, which we just spent the week doing. We had such a blast acting goofy and feeling like we were back in high school driving down the road squished together in the car jamming out to great music. Keeping a young spirit is never a bad thing and being able to do it with a great husband and great friends is even better. It has felt so nice to have “grown up” time and talking adult language rather than saying”hold on I have to go potty” hahaha. I guess the purpose for this post is just to brag a little about the great friendships and marriage that I have. I can’t say enough how blessed I really am to have the life I do. I do admit the I really do miss my boys and can’t wait to get home to them tonight. I guess it’s just a mom thing. So all you moms out there, I know it’s hard to leave your kids but even if it’s just an hour make sure to take time and spend it with your husband. Its such an amazing thing, don’t let the time you have pass you by. We only live once so love like there’s no tomorrow!!!

❤ Lexi O.


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