Choosing to Homeschool

Wow! It feels great to be writing again! It’s been a long while! So much has happened! We are now awaiting a sweet little girl to add to our clan. Ellie Adelina will be her November 11th or sooner! 🙂 Alex and Naelen-Joel can’t wait to meet their little sister. Rene and I can’t wait to welcome what will be our one and only princess. Now, we get to add Homeschooling to the mix! (What in the world am I getting myself into!?)

So, Since the end of last year (November 2012), I really started contemplating Homeschooling. When I mentioned it to my hubby Rene, he was less than thrilled and just kind of laughed it off. Well little did I know, God was doing a real tug on my heart and all I could do was pray that he would tug on my husband’s heart like he was mine. It took a lot of praying for that, and although my husband told me it was fine with him if I did homeschool, I didn’t quite feel he was completely convinced that this was the right decision..

School just started back up here in Houston, and I ended up sending our oldest back to 2nd grade in public school because “Baby Ellie would be making an entrance soon and it would be best to just wait on the homeschool”. I actually was depressed and heartbroken that I was sending him back into the “worldly” school system. Just when I thought all hope was lost for homeschooling, God brought us our great friend that pretty much changed everything in one day!

Now I know that most people won’t agree with why I’m homeschooling and the many reasons behind it, but that’s ok, because i’m raising MY children the way I want them and believe they should be raised. Ultimately knowing it’s what God is leading me to do and knowing it’s best for them. I sincerely think that we are raising up a generation of entitled brats, and I will do my very best to raise children who will give something great to this world instead of take, take, take.. I’m raising my kids to have strong morals and high standards, which seems to be lacking a lot these days. I want my kids to Love God with all their hearts, and show that Love to other people. As for our education system here in the U.S., I think it’s horrible. I think state testing is the worst thing to come to schools, for it’s not empowering or helping our children, but dumbing them down. State testing starts in 3rd grade for most, and continues on to each year, making it reviews all year round so that our children can pass the test and the schools can receive funding. I see how my son who just started 2nd grade last week, will be slammed with not only trying to master his addition and subtraction skills, but have to learn multiplication and division this year as well. HOW IS THAT EVEN RIGHT?! For me, I want my kids to be completely solid in their foundation in education. How can you expect them to master the harder things that will come if they haven’t even been able to master the basics? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

As I mentioned earlier, we recently had lunch with a friend who happens to be a teacher and he opened mine and my husbands eyes to a world of things we didn’t even think possible. This isn’t the first time i’ve heard about awful things happening in public middle and high schools, but how much can you believe when it’s coming from “a friend of a friend” that it happened to. But When our friend stated that when he had kids there is no way he would allow them to step foot into a public school and that they would only be homeschooled, we obviously had to ask why, since he’s a public school teacher.

The things we heard blew our minds. From how the school will use certain programs to collect thousands of dollars per child without it actually benefiting your child to 1st & 2nd graders of the same sex found in bathrooms making out or giving oral sex to each other. Yes, I did say 1st & 2nd graders and that is not a mistake. (Insert shock face here) When I listened to him explain in more detail all of these things, I couldn’t help but feel sick to my stomach! I know we live in a world where everyone is fighting for their own rights, and yes everyone has free will to do what they please. But I do not have to expose my children to those things or agree with what you do. I’m just clarifying before I get a ton of hate mail that I do not hate any person or what they choose to do with their life, but I do not have to agree with what they believe in, just as I do not expect everyone to agree with what I believe in. My point is, that as a parent I’m choosing my kids. I’m choosing to protect them and to keep their sweet innocence intact. I don’t want them to have an adult mentality at 7 and 4 years old because of what I have allowed them to be exposed to. They are only children once and adults for a lifetime, I’m choosing childhood for them while they are still young enough to enjoy it. I’m choosing to push them to do great things, to have the most amazing education and to act educated. Pushing them to stand for what they believe in and not to sway to what others pressure them to do.

With that being said, I’m completely nervous about homeschooling. I am learning as I go and  I know that God will guide me (as he has always done) and show me and Rene what we need to do. I’m thanking God for opening our hearts and minds to this. And I’m excited for the journey. I’m excited to share our experience with other people and hopefully I can help someone who is in the same spot of where I am or where I used to be. I’ll be uploading blog posts regularly and can’t wait to watch it play out! Thanks for listening to my rant! Talk to you soon!



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  1. I was homeschooled until college and now I am a public school teacher. Good choice to homeschool; I plan to do the same with my daughter. There are so many resources out there to support homeschoolers. Play, explore, and make all kinds of art projects! I never have regretted being homeschooled; it was an amazing gift.

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