Our Journey…

Hello All! We have entered into our second week of Homeschool! Oh how it’s already been an exciting adventure. We have had our moments of breakdown and breakthrough! It’s amazing! We had a great first week and our second week has started strong! I thank you all for the positive encouragement! I definitely need it! I’m not going to lie, Homeschooling is hard! At the same time as it’s hard, it’s so incredibly rewarding! I’m still in the early stages of learning how my boys learn and trying to get into a good routine with them. So far, we’ve been waking up in the mornings as if they were still going to public school and getting dressed and ready for the day. We have a little added distraction running around (Ellie). She’s beautiful and crazy about her brothers, so she wants to be all in the mix of what they are doing! I’m sure we will get all our times worked out soon enough. As of now the boys are working hard and doing great! I’m loving that the state of Texas allows me to do a mixture of curriculum! I have been able to tailor it to things that will help them each learn the best way possible. I’ve already been able to experience those “Aha” moments that i’ve heard many homeschool moms talk about. (When you kids finally “get” something that they have been struggling with!)

As for me, I’ve had my moments… Those moments late at night where I think i’m totally screwing my kids up or when I think about all the comments from others who say kids that are homeschooled are further behind when they return to public school. I’m learning how to deal with the negative talkers. I know everyone is not going to agree with my decision to homeschool, but i’m okay with that. I’m being guided by God, and i’m doing what he leads me to do. When negative thoughts come swarming into my mind, I’m overcome with peace as God speaks to me that i’m doing the right decision. He trusted me with these children and has fully equipped me with everything they need. That’s all I need to know.

I’ve had to remind my self of this very thing, Everyday may not end the way I want them to, but i’m sewing valuable life seeds into them that they will remember forever, eventually those seeds will take root and produce an amazing harvest. I can’t wait to watch it all unfold. Even if you don’t homeschool, sew into your kids lives. Leave a legacy that will continue on for many generations to come.
Green sprout on white background (isolated).


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