God can’t bless who you pretend to be…

Recently I listened to an interview that Steven Furtick did and it completely changed my world.  So often we try to be what the world tells us we should be. I’ve realized that I too have tried to be something that the world says I should be. Why have I gotten lost in a world that’s truly lost itself? My God created me, and you the person reading this, for something much greater than what the world could think of.

God’s revealing to me that he’s fully equipped me with everything that I need in order to succeed. He’s the only one to rely on. Here I am trying to rely on myself and God is just over here like, “um, hello, I got this, I don’t need your help.” So if there’s one thing I’m sure of right now, it’s that God is in control and won’t let you down. Stop pretending to be someone you aren’t because God can’t bless that. When we stop trying to take control of every situation and allow God to move through us, life will begin to flow the way it should. Go out and be who he’s called you to be. It doesn’t mean you have to be perfect, God isn’t looking for perfection, he’s just looking to bless you!


Lexi O.


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