You are so loved

I think one purpose God has for my life is to speak life and love into other women. I’ve always said God has such a funny sense of humor, because for one, I’ve always felt disconnected from having female friends. I was always the one that felt left out, alone, and different. I can literally count on one hand the actual true friends that I have. 

One thing I always wondered was why is “What is wrong with me God?” I always thought it was something I was doing wrong. Little did I know that God would really begin shining a huge light on what his purpose is for me this year. Now I am truly seeing that God didn’t want me to feel alone or disconnected, he wanted me to feel fulfilled by him. Yet, as I walked those paths, I’m seeing that God is using me to speak into women who have dealt with all of these things and more. 

I’m eager to fulfill this purpose, he’s opening my eyes and my heart to women, he’s already allowed me to see a glimpse of what exactly they are going through. The pain, the rejection, the beauty, the joy, the love or feelings of being unloved. My heart is aching to pray over the women he points out to me. I’m ready God. 

With that being said, to every woman, God wants you to know that He LOVES you! He SEES you! He KNOWS your needs and your wants. He waiting for you to let him in, in to the deep dark places that are hidden from everyone except you and him, the pain that you’ve buried, the guilt and shame you try to hide. He’s here to Heal and to bring Life and life more abdunately! He wants you to know, that nothing you’ve done, in the past or currently, can or will keep you away from him. He seeks to have your heart. He will purify and cleanse you! You’re future is not based off of the bad mistakes or decisions, or unwanted circumstances that you’ve made or been through! He’ll use everything bad that has happened to turn it into good. So if there one thing that you get out of this, I hope you know that God loves you! He’ll be your strength when you’re weak. He’ll love you even when you feel unlovable. He’ll be the father that you never had. He’ll heal your heart from any pain you’ve ever faced. He is a good good father! 

Lexi O. 


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